Protect Your Home From Moisture Damage

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Does your home have a moisture problem? If so, contact New York State Foam & Energy LLC today. When you call us, our team of air and moisture control technicians will respond to your call and resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

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Trust us to take care of your moisture issues

If your home has a moisture problem, don't wait until it damages your house to call a reliable moisture control service. You should make New York State Foam & Energy your first choice. Here are some of our top services:

  • Air and vapor barrier installation: The barrier is applied to your home's plywood sheathing to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Waterproof coating: The coating is applied to your home's cement foundation to keep water out.
  • Liquid applied membrane coating: This coating fills grout lines to prevent moisture damage to your home.
  • Above Grade Control: Take air and vapor barriers to a new level with liquid applied membranes. Let New York State Foam & Energy LLC show you the benefits of switching from traditional house wraps to air tight liquid applied membranes and flashing. Control air and moisture while drastically improving blower door numbers.
  • Below Grade Control: Foundation waterproofing membranes and drainage boards, or continuous closed cell insulation options. Don't forget to ask about sub-slab insulation!

Many of these services are completed during the construction of a new home or building.

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