Other things you should know:

THE TEAM (Your allies in the victory over energy loss)

What we at New York State Foam & Energy like to call ‘the fearless leaders in the victory over energy bills’ are led by Bryan Bender, a Dennis Bender, and a Dan Crisanto.  Make your own judgement:


NYS Foam & Energy, LLC certifications and partners:

Who are we?

We are certified providers and installers of Sprayfoam for New York’s  Westchester, Orange, Dutchess, and Putnam Counties.

Bryan, Dan and Dennis have gone through rigorous training and certifications to learn how to evaluate the needs of the individual structure, the developer/builder, the energy management firm, and the homeowners to bring economic and sustainable insulation solutions to you.

bryan_picWho is Bryan?

I saw Sprayfoam Insulation as a kid working for my father, Dennis Bender, the revered Carpenter of the county and my business mentor. Then all I needed was a second exposure to the country’s green initiatives. As I took some time on a cross country motorcycle trip after leaving my career at provident bank in 1999, I saw all the windmills and green energy arising everywhere. It was then that I decided that energy conservation was where I wanted to work.

A few weeks after getting back I applied at a Sprayfoam company and was hired. I was trained and passed numerous certifications in the product and equipment through BPI, NYSERDA, and the business owners. After a few years I was promoted as the manager of all their crews. Later I left and started NYS Foam & Energy, LLC with Dan Crisanto (an expert in the industry’s equipment). We started out small in 2001 and ran the business out of the garage. Immediately, I traded my car in for our first truck. Dan used his savings to buy sprayfoam equipment knowing that we could really grow something great together. And lastly, my father became our partner and established us in all the governmental required licensing and the product suppliers dockets.

Initially we concentrated on auditing and retrofitting work. As our name became synonymous with quality we began taking on builders. Then before you knew it we were holding a pretty large portion of the industry marketplace in the installation of the products, mainly Sprayfoam. We not only do our own NYSERDA work but we also cater to almost all of the other Bpi contractors working under their regulated energy programming. We now are just over 30 employees cover a huge radius from Orange and Dutchess Counties to Westchester. And I am proud to say with 3 fully-equipped Sprayfoam rigs, 1 exclusive injection foam rig, a 1 cellulose rig, and 1-2 fiberglass crews out every day we meet the demand of builders with glowing results.

Our Mission

Building a business model using advanced building science and state-of-the-art technology to bring people environmental sustainable services to lower their energy costs, add value to their home, and minimizing their carbon footprint.

.. and thanks to all our amazing clients, NYS Foam & Energy has developed a reputation as the leading spray foam insulation company in Eastern and Southern New York.