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We are proud to offer and install the ICYNENE® Sprayfoam Insulation.

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We provide Builders & Developers with ICYNENE® Insulation for new home construction developments:

The types of insulation we provide

Other things you should know:

The ability to plug into a reliable, safe, and technologically current INSULATION resource is very important when you are building on a large scale.  We have dedicated a large part of our business to making sure we are there for the best builders in the North East.

We understand what you need to do your job well such as:

Insulation Code requirements for new developments

Code requirements are fulfilled. We offer options such as “flash and batt” where we create a layer of spray installation on all seams and coat the walls, attics, crawl space, etc. We also offer fiberglass batting, which is more economical.

Blower Door Tests

NYS Foam provides and supports the finest building airtightness testing system available. Used by weatherization professionals, energy raters, and HVAC contractors, it is complete with everything you need for fully automated Blower Door testing. Some of the features include:

  • Built-in Cruise Control so you can automatically control the Blower Door fan to maintain a constant 75 Pa, 50 Pa, 25 Pa or 0 Pa building pressure without having the gauge connected to a computer
  • Sturdy yet lightweight injection molded fan
  • Precise, stable flow measurements without the need for gauge dampening
  • Variable fan speed control (solid state – cruise control compatible)
  • Both 110V/60 Hz and 220V/50 Hz models

Visual inspections of all of our work

SPF insulation inspections follow a multi-step process with each step documented through observation, photography and commentary.

Visual observations are those that can be seen with the naked eye. Visual observations can reveal overall characteristics of the project and some defects.
We would be looking for
  • Cracks
  • Gaps and voids
  • Uniformity
  • Blotchiness
  • Surface appearance

shaved-foam pictures-of-foam-1 pictures-of-foamclosed-cell

Economic options for different budgets

We are able to work with pricing by doing a ‘flash and batt’ system incorporating fiberglass though with a safe barrier of spray foam sealing the cracks and adding structural integrity. It can be an economical solution while still fulfilling the high HERS score.

Historically 40% of your energy cost could be saved.

We are able to work with our clients on pricing using a ‘flash and batt’ system that incorporates fiberglass with a safe barrier of spray foam. This seals the cracks, adds structural integrity, and fulfills the high HERS score, while being an economical solution.

Graco Insight Tracking System

GRACO INSIGHT Tracking System

For complete knowledge of the jobsite, all the time, the Graco Insite system has been adopted by Nys Foam & Energy for your monitoring. Graco InSite is a data tracking and collection kit for electric and hydraulic Reactors. It transmits real time data from your Reactor, which you can view via the internet. On the dashboard, you can see your entire fleet in real time. Colored icons show if Reactors are spraying, idling or off.

You can also…

  • Check temperatures and pressures
  • Follow spray rig locations via GPS
  • See how much material each crew is using
  • Download report data to help make better business decisions

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HERS high scores

We are a preferred installer for achieving high scores on the HERS rating system reports. This is achieved with a combination of spray foam and “flash and batt’” insulation, and straight sprayfoam solutions. The report is generated by the HERS technicians. Please remember us if this is part of the objectives in your building or energy audit.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and ICYNENE® FOAM

Products. We service new and existing construction with ICYNENE ® Spray foam (SPF), Injection (wall) foam, with both dense packed and wet-applied cellulose, which saves you money, and improves the quality of life.

Environmental foam

As the executive supplier and installer of ICYNENE® foam, we are certified to spray a particular type of technologically engineered safe foam. There are a limited number of professionals who are permitted to do this installation. It requires fulfilling a specific manufacturer’s specs, with the process being monitored.

The peace of mind and feeling of a secure job


There is a more solid feeling when closing the door of a home insulated by NYS Foam and Energy. Did you ever close the door of a fine European luxury car? There’s a palpable difference in quality. Our clients enjoy the confidence of a job done well.

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We don’t filter our REVIEWS. They are locked and honest.

Imagine great HERS reports that you can pass on to the end-users of your homes.   We call that part of our ‘standard deliverables’.  Let us help you make a difference with your homes.