Home Owners,

It’s time to

stop throwing money

out the window… and walls.

It is possible to eliminate drafts both in winter and summer.  Here is how:

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We Provide Energy Management Firm’s Insulation Solutions.

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Dear Homeowners:

Making your home as energy efficient as possible is the best way to keep your energy bills down, and be environmentally responsible.

Drafty windows and walls allow heat to escape in winter, and air-conditioning to seep out in summer. Spray foam insulation has quickly become the most popular choice to keep your home comfortable, no matter what the temperature.

Whether it is retrofitting existing walls with injection sprayfoam or attics with exposed sprayfoam, it can all be done with amazing results in energy savings and structural integrity.

Finding specialists in this technology who are reputable, capable — and most importantly, have a lot of experience — is critical. NYS Foam and Energy is recognized as the leading spray foam insulation company in Eastern New York and Southern New York. So, learn more about us. We think you’ll see why we’ve been selected to insulate thousands of homes all over the region.

ENERGY SAVINGS historically recorded

We offer the following for your home:

  • Energy Savings
  • Structural reinforcement to walls of an older home
  • – Sound Dampening (for keeping the outside out, and adding silence to the interior)
  • – Pest Control
  • – Moisture Control
  • – A great step towards providing your community with a sustainable solution in your home.
  • – It will last longer.
  • Economic options for different budgets
  • Adding Value to your home; Updating to today’s insulation codes has proven to increase resell values References and consumer reporting of our work
  • And a team of fearless leaders in the victory over energy bills. BRYAN,  DENNIS, and DAN
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The savings is seen every month on your heating or air-conditioning bills. We have testimonials of customers attesting to 40% savings. An Comprehensive Home Assessment, also referred to as an “energy Audit” will give a before and after value to your homes usage.  


We have adopted a special financing, for our homeowners, that is low interest and sometimes is even outweighed by the savings in your energy bills. The financing statements are put on your current energy bill for your convenience. (5-6 year plans available) The plans are drawn up on-the-spot when contracts are signed at your door.



  • New Renovations

  • Outside walls (Closed Cell Foam)

  • Inside Walls (Open Cell Foam) for sound dampening and structural reinforcements of walls.

  • Attics

  • Basement/ Crawl Spaces

  • Foundation Walls

  • Where Water might be getting into the foundation walls

Our trained technicians and sales staff go over each job and ensure that the different types of foam are used where they will create that most efficiency. You will get a detailed breakdown and explanation before each job. For more detailed information on the products read about the science behind them >

Why is NYS Foam & Energy the best provider for Retrofitting your home to today’s insulation codes?

Understanding environmentally-responsible solutions to which newly-constructed homes are upheld, is why using us to update your older one is the right choice for you.