-Charles C.

Ashley, Brian and the team where great from start to finish. My home was 50's built that required extra attention and they were happy to work until it was done right. The difference upstairs during the summer was noticeable immediately. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone looking to improve the comfort quality of their home.

-Edward L.

Thank you for your service. Your crews were courteous and cleaned up after themselves very well.

-Mark R.

Upon purchasing a home in need of many repairs, I had a lot on my plate. Working with NYS Foam and Energy took the stress out the insulation aspect of my project. Its a good feeling knowing you're working with a company you can trust. Every employee I spoke to was professional. It was clear that customer satisfaction was a priority. Since the work has been done, I've appreciated a home that is evenly heated and cooled as well as energy efficient. Should I be in need of insulation work in the future, I wont hesitate to give them another call.

-Doris B.

Turned our uncomfortable dormer rooms into useable space. So happy we did this! Even with a colder winter this year, our heating bills were less! NYS Foam is a very professional operation, don't hesitate to use them. Our contractor was very impressed (as were we).

-Penny G.

We had our house insulated last spring by NYSFoam&Energy. They were totally professional both in their assessment of our home and the completion of the work. They were respectful of our home and kept the work area clean. Best of all, they were truthful. We saved money during the summer with air-conditioning and this winter, possibly one of the coldest I can remember, our bills were lower. At times we were able to turn our bedroom heat on for an hour, then turn it off and the room stayed comfortable all night. I cannot speak more highly of this company and the men and women that we dealt with. A company is only as good as its reputation. These people are honest and principled.

-David E.

In the initial site visit and inspection, I was impressed with Bryan and Ashley's professionalism and knowledge. As for the job itself, Max and his team did a complete removal of the old fiberglass insulation and a thorough and clean foam insulation job. In the prompt followup (accomplished by Bryan and Dan), I especially appreciated Bryan's enthusiasm and his explanation of the marked improvement in the energy efficiency of my house. Many thanks.

-Ed L.

Thank you for your service. Your crews were courteous and cleaned up after themselves very well. Thank you, Sandy and Ed Leonard Dec 2014

-Regina M.

I am very pleased with the outcome of your work. Your staff has been professional, friendly and very helpful throughout this project. I commend you on providing real customer service, and I would be happy to recommend you to anyone contemplating hiring you to do their insulation. Thank you and your entire staff for a job well done! I look forward to being warm in my house this winter!

-Jerry O.

I have employed NYS Foam and Energy to foam my personal home as well as two income properties I own. After the first project I realized I'd found the right people for the right job. Two of these buildings are historic 19th C buildings, presenting many challenges. NYSE&F did a great job every time. They explained what they planned to do, executed on-time, and left the site neat and clean. No surprises, and at a price that made sense. For both savings and comfort, foam insulation is the way to go, and I heartily endorse NYSE&F.

-Daryl E.

NYSF & E did an amazing job on my house from start to finish. They explained everything they were doing for my audit, so when it came time to make a decision on the work, I was fully informed of my options. We decided the ideal work for comfort and energy efficiency was insulating my attic and creating a complete seal around my garage with injected foam. When the first cool night of September came, my bedroom was perfect sleeping temp (All the windows were open, door closed) , but the real surprise came when I went into the rest of the house and it was warm and comfortable. That would have never happened before NYS Foam did installed the insulation. I regularly use my attic for short term storage and I amazed at how little difference (maybe 5 degrees) there is between the attic and the house on a blazing August day. Finally, they work very "clean" so when they leave, you hardly know they were there.I cannot recommend them more highly.

-Michael R.

A great experience from start to finish. The company lived up to every word of it's contract. Combined with a new heating and cooling system, our "state of the art" foam insulation has made our home very comfortable and able to deal with any type of extreme weather. They also left our house very clean and took away all the trash. We give NYS Foam the highest rating.

-Jeffrey L.

It always amazes me what I don't know that I don't know. I had Dennis come over and identify heat loss at my home. Ice dams, cost savings, and comfort were the reasons for my call. Dennis was on all fours, for hours, inspecting and divining. It turns out that my very swell, 1930's colonial-revival has hollow walls with no top plate! A top plate is like a lid to a jar. I never saw a house without a top plate. I didn't know you you could build a house without a top plate. You can and I own one. It wasn't obvious, you had to pull some things apart and make yourself as small as a mouse which Dennis did. Heat was flowing up the exterior walls and melting snow at the eves. My radiators are recessed so the wall cavity was a chimney, all around the house. Dennis found this because he spent a lot of time poking around, a lot of time. He also has an excellent head for fixing what is broken. I've lived in the house for 20 years, you would have thought I would know this. The day after Dennis finished was a cold day. The house felt different, right way. The kids remarked about it, my wife said it felt quieter. I sensed it. There was less air moving in the house. I hadn't realized how much air moved thru the house when the heat was on. There was always a flow of air up the two stairwells. I thought it was a condition of steam heat. Wrong was I, it was a condition of heating the outdoors. The net effect was the cold spots disappeared and the boiler stopped cycling on and off. That's just an old house I said, more wrong. I haven't gone thru an entire heating season yet. I can tell you the house is much more comfortable in a way I didn't know was possible. We only insulated the attic but it was so thoroughly done it affected the entire house. Dennis did that. Why didn't I do this years ago? I guess I didn't know.

-Andrew D.

Our home is a typical 1970's build with nothing but 30-year-old fiberglass batting (which we unfortunately learned is a favorite nesting material for raccoons) in the attic and walls. The house was drafty, heat was escaping through the roof, and the bedroom above the garage was the coldest room in the house. We had considered investing in another heat source but after having a Home Energy Assessment done, quickly learned that a heating system is only as good as the insulation in your home. New York State Foam & Energy came in, insulated our crawlspace, rim joist, attic slope, garage ceiling, overhangs, and living room cathedral ceiling. We were presented with a number of different options and went with a combination of injection foam, open cell spray foam, closed cell spray foam, and cellulose. Our home is sealed, it's warm, and without upgrading our heating system- we slashed our energy bills. The draftiness is gone, the temperature is consistent, and we no longer have a "cold room" in our home. Before toying with the idea of a new system I strongly recommend homeowners upgrade their insulation like we did. It's an automatic money saver and made our house much more comfortable and efficient. We are very happy with the service we received from this company. Our energy auditor was knowledgeable and very helpful with all our questions. We learned a lot about our home and about the insulation process. The crews were professional and clean and we were kept well-informed on the progress of our project. Over all it was a great experience and we will continue to recommend New York State Foam & Energy to our friends and family.

-A. Hernandez

First I will apologize for not writing a review last year around this time!!! This is the second time we use NYS Foam & Energy and they have done a great job keeping us warm. I would recommend for anyone that is doing spray foam in their home, please research and do more research about the subject of spray foam. There are a lot of companies out there that claim that they know what they are doing but many do not. So it is incumbent upon you as the consumer to do your homework before signing on the dotted line. Spray foam is not cheap but it is so worth the money and believe me you won't regret the investment..... The team at NYS Foam & Energy are very knowledgeable and know what they are doing. We did our exterior walls last year with a closed foam application and we immediately noticed a difference in the warmth. Last year my heating oil delivery was reduced by one from the previous year. On November 11, 2015, Max and the pink truck came to my house again and spray foamed my 1300 square foot attic space and the rim joist in the basement and boy do we feel a difference. I am hoping to keep the oil truck away a little more this year!!! Closed cell foam is the way to go but please do your research before doing anything and also shop around.....These guys have competitive pricing and they know what they are doing so in my opinion its a win win!!! Big kudos to Max....He ended up getting a really bad splinter in the attic as he was halfway done with the attic and we thought he was going to quit but he found it in him to move on with the job and completed it with some pain!!!! Splinter was pretty big ouch!!! His helper performed minor surgery on my driveway and I helped clean him up and they continued the job......Thanks Max for being a trooper!!! You deserve a raise buddy!!! I rarely write reviews but this company earned it and thanks so much for keeping my family warm this winter and thanks again Max! Keep up the good work ethic!!!

-Carol C.

After my hard research of saving our 2-floor colonial house heating bills in last August, I have found NYSERDA Home Performance with Energy Star program that is endorsed by NY State Government through Central Hudson's recommendation. Then after many phone calls, short discussions and track record reviews with different local Home Performance Contractors, I ended up with giving our house insulation improvement work to NY State Foam & Energy LLC. It was a thorough and lengthy process that NYSFOAM team came to our house to do many tests including blow door testing to measure how much heat loss of our existing house, where were the spots of the most heat loss, how much improvement work needs to be done to significantly reduce the heat loss, etc. The sales director Bryan Bender came up with the energy audit report along with two solution proposals of different options, we finally decided to do insulation improvement by Foam Injection of all Four Walls on the house and Foam Spray on Whole Attic interior roof and walls. After two months of process, finally our house was completely insulated with a layer of foam done by NYSFOAM at the end of last September. Although this bitterly cold winter is not over, and I don't know our final heating bill yet. But it definitely has improved the quality of our living experience that the whole house is filled with warm air for every room without any draft since. The whole team led by Bryan Bender have performed with top quality in terms of knowledge base, skill set, thoroughness, professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness. Also I have already got my 10% incentive rebate back of total $12K bill from the NYS government. It is a win-win-win deal, that Government, the Contractor and the customer all got the benefits. I highly recommend NYSERDA program along with the authorised contractor NY State Foam & Energy LLC that deserves FIVE Stars... Carol Chu from Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

- Dennis, H.

Couldn't ask for more, job was well planned, showed up on time, finished when expected, cleaned up. Two years later, no problems.

- Peter, C.

They were great at estimating and then executing what needed to be done. A large part of what they did was to fix what Bruni and Campisi screwed up (as in not pulling back loose rock wool from the eves and not foaming at all under the eves.
Maybe indicative: after NYS Foam was done, I had occasion to have our fascia boards replaced, giving access to the eves from the outside. I asked that contractor to fill any voids from the outside. He managed to use only two spray cans of spray filler on the whole house, pretty impressive performance on NYS Foam's part.

- Saaed, M.

One of the best experiences I have ever had. These guys are the best around. Their work is perfect

- Michael, F.

We did several projects with NYS Foam - truly professional, timely, superior work and so easy to get things done with them. Highly recommend!

- Charles, J.

5 Stars

- Steve, Y.

I found the team from NYS Foam to be professional and thorough. Their work has had an immediate impact on the comfort in the rooms they worked on.

- Sasha, F.

We hired NYS foam and energy for an entire house reno we were doing. We had a number of companies out for a quote. The other companies were completely unprofessional and seemed very sketchy to do business with. Thankfully we called NYS foam and Energy. Bryan was very professional and knowledgeable. He was able to help us guide our customer in the right direction. Town inspection was a breeze. Of course, thank you for your promptness and quality work as well!

- Ray, W.

Great company!!!!!
Highly recommended Bryan and his company !!!!!!!

- Andrew, W.

Great work, great price, worked with me for everything I wanted

- Anthony, C.

Excellent team to work with!! Bryan,Dennis and his crew are with you from the beginning of the project all the way till the end making sure everything goes smoothly. If your in the market to insulate your home. New construction or retro work give them a call you won't be disappointed

- Christine, B.

Great company, hard working and conscience. You cannot go wrong hiring them!

- Roger, L.

Amazing prices and great service. If I could give these guys 6 stars I would. Don't waste your time with the other guys who don't call you back or give you crazy quotes.

- Anthony, M.

The men were very professional. They wasted no time. The job was done right

- Rick, P.

Can't say enough good things about Dennis and his company. He drove over an hour to get to my home, then spent two hours discussing and advising me about the best way to insulate the house within my budget, without charge. He was clearly more knowledgeable and expert at this job than the previous company I'd talked to. So I went with him, and his work was superb, on time, at budget, perfect in just about every way. Even the NYSERDA techs who came later to confirm the work said it was one of the cleanest and best-performed jobs they had ever seen. Great company, great team, great guy.

- Bradley, B.

The estimator that performed their energy evaluation was very knowledgeable and honest with what needed to be done. I would highly recommend them.

- Roger, L.

Amazing prices and great service. If I could give these guys 6 stars I would. Don't waste your time with the other guys who don't call you back or give you crazy quotes.