The products that we stake our name on:

the_science_of-insulation-solutions_midThe Science behind our solutions

Our products are American made and our services will cost you little or no money out-of-pocket. Your savings can be passed to your customers or outweigh your home’s energy payments.


We also service new and existing construction to improve life and save you money:

Spray Foam | Injection (wall) foam | with both dense packed and wet-applied cellulose

Other things you should know


Secret weapon for homeowners reducing their energy costs and allowing for dust and pollen control.  Spray foam is a revolutionary insulation product that is far superior to conventional insulation and can decrease your energy bills by 50 percent.  One component contains the higher molecular weight with characteristics such as water impermeability, rigidness for structural integrity, and sound and air barrier for unwanted escaped hot or cool air.



Our Tri-polymer Wall Injection Foam Insulation is an industry recommended product for use primarily in homes consisting of previous wall insulation. It is injected into the wall cavity with a precise expansion rate, filling all areas eliminating air escape and entrance.  Read more >

Read about financing solutions that are outweighed by the savings on this product — all on your existing energy bill.


Cellulose is a Naturally “Green” Energy Saving Product, made from 100% recycled paper. Premium Cellulose Insulation delivers outstanding energy savings, longevity, and versatility, all in a green product. 100 pounds of Cellulose Insulation.

There are other contractors that provide typical spray foam service, however, very few go beyond the installation process.  Here at NYS Foam & Energy we implement the highest building standards available and state of the art equipment and test in and out of every project.

Through our certified professionals installation typically takes 1 day for an average size home.