Attic and Crawl space Sprayfoam benefits

More energy is lost through the roof than any other part of your insulated home.

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What informed home owners need to know:

For Attics


There is more energy is lost through the roof than any other part of your insulated home.

Sprayfoam is applied to the underside of the roof for big reductions in energy loss or on complex architectural features to air seal and further reduce heat loss.


Attics- Really put a lid on it! Hot roof applications provide up to 30% energy reduction alone.

Roofing- Long lasting roofing applications provide both the insulation and water impermeability demanded on today’s commercial applications.

For Basements


Did you know one of the leading causes of cold floors is attributed to under insulated rim joists?

Do you have cold or drafty floors?

Does your basement have an odor?

Do you have damp walls?

Water pooling on the slab?

Has your current waterproofing system ever let you down?

Are you considering finishing your basement?

Are there any cracks forming on your foundation walls?

If the answer is Yes to any of the above questions you should consider calling us today!

New York State Foam & Energy has been a leader in our market place when it comes to basement solutions. With over 23 years of experience we KNOW basements!

Why is NYS Foam & Energy the best provider for Retrofitting your home to today’s insulation codes?

Understanding environmentally-responsible solutions to which new built home are upheld, is why using us to update your older home is the right choice for you.

"March 30, 2013
Services Performed:
Energy Efficiency Auditing

Hire Again: Yes

I have not officially hired NYS Foam and Energy company to do the work yet but so far the business interactions have been very satisfactory. Derek, the sales rep is everything you would want from a company representative. Punctual, courteous, and informative. Not pushy. The audit was thorough. I'm not sure the price to complete is competitive or not because I haven't gotten a second opinion yet. But so far so good!"

− Punctual, courteous, and informative.

"November 05, 2012
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $15,000.00

Daniel Crisanto came to the house with his partner and spent several hours inspecting from top to bottom all the problems with heat loss. We knew it was going to be expensive because we had researched the service ahead of time. Daniel was extremely knowledgeable about home loans and gave us great advice on how to go about financing a project – whether we used his service or not.
When we decided to go with NYS Foam and Energy, we were impressed by the men who came to do the job. They worked continuously, the were polite and they were thorough. They did not leave the house a mess. They cleaned up after themselves. The job looks beautiful.
Finally, as to their product, we find that we can put the heat up to warm the house, turn it down and the house will stay warm for hours! Prior to the insulation the heat ran constantly.
thank you NYS Foam and Energy!"

− Professionalism at its best!